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Whether you are starting or growing your own business, getting married, watching your children grow, planning for or enjoying retirement, The Ruddy Law Firm can help you along the way. Our firm is committed to providing our clients the highest quality legal services. We look forward to serving you, your family, and/or your business today and in the years ahead.

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Upcoming Events or Interviews on "The Probate Nation"

July 4
Reverse Mortgages - Overview
July 11
July 18
July 25 Overview of District of Columbia Probate - Part 2
August 1 Obtaining Guardianship of a Special Needs Child - Part 1
August 8 Obtaining Guardianship of a Special Needs Child - Part 2
August 15 The Caregiver Agency - Part 2
August 22 Concierge Medicine for Seniors
August 29 Managing Dementia

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"The Probate Nation" Television Show! 

Richard hosts a TV show called "The Probate Nation" on local cable channel 10.  Upcoming shows are on at 9:30 pm on the above dates. The show is dedicated  to helping the public navigate the probate system for a deceased loved one's estate and the "living probate" system for a conservatorship/guardianship of an elderly loved one. You can go to The Probate Nation website at www.probatenation.com to watch past shows.    


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