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Probate Education on “The Probate Nation”


Richard hosts a TV show called “The Probate Nation” on local cable channel 10.  The show is dedicated  to helping the public navigate the probate system for a deceased loved one’s estate and the “living probate” system for a conservatorship/guardianship of an elderly loved one. There are many episodes dedicated to Probate Education, and we have included a comprehensive list below. These episodes are all available to watch online, and the links will open in The Probate Nation website.

I. Pre-Qualification Considerations

a.  Bonding the Executor
b.  Administration of Small Estates
c.  Finding Heirs of an Estate
d.  Last Will & Testament
e. Probate Avoidance Techniques – Good and Bad
f.  Funding the Revocable Trust
g. Unknown Heirs and Unclaimed Property (Virginia)

II.  Virginia Probate Offices

a. Alexandria Probate Office
b.  Fairfax County Probate Office [2015]
c.  Fairfax County Probate Office – Estate Qualification [2019]
d.  Fairfax County Probate Office – Common Situations [2019]
e.  Loudoun County Probate Office/span>

III. Virginia Commissioners of Accounts

a. Alexandria Commissioner of Accounts
b. Arlington County Commissioner of Accounts
c. Fairfax County Commissioner of Accounts
d. Fauquier County Commissioner of Accounts
e. Frederick County Commissioner of Accounts
f. Loudoun County Commissioner of Accounts
g. Stafford County Commissioner of Accounts

IV.  Probate Office Filings

a. Notice to Beneficiaries and Affidavit of Notice

V.  Commissioner of Accounts Filings

a. Estate Inventory
b. Overview of Estate Accounting
c. Sample Estate Account
d. Virginia Estate Accounting Tax Affidavit

VI.  Marshaling, Gathering and Dealing With the Assets

a.  Marshaling the Assets
b.  Dealing with Bank Accounts
c.  Dealing with Digital Assets
d.  Dealing with Investment Accounts
e.  Dealing with Life Insurance
f.  Dealing with Real Estate (Generally)
g.  Dealing with Selling Real Estate – Virginia
h.  Dealing with Selling Real Estate – DC
i.  Dealing with Selling Real Estate – MD
j.  Dealing with Cash Buyers of Real Estate
k.  Tangible Personal Property (Overview)
l.  Tangible Personal Property – Valuation
m. Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims (Virginia)
n. Wrongful Death and Survival Claims (Virginia)(2019)
o. Wrongful Death and Survival Actions (Maryland)

VII.  Identifying and Dealing with Debt

a. Insolvent Estates

VIII.  Taxes

a. Initial Tax Considerations
b. Applying for the FEIN – Federal Employer Identification Number
c. Federal Estate Taxation – An Overview
d. The Income Tax Returns
e. Tax Basis of Estate Assets

IX.  Wrapping Up The Estate

a. Wrapping up the Estate
b. Virginia Estate Accounting Tax Affidavit

 X.  Estate Administration Disputes

a. Overview of Common Estate Litigation
Is this a Will?
c. Mediation and Arbitration of Probate and Estate Disputes

XI.  Miscellaneous

a. Someone Dies at Home – Who do you call?
Planning a Funeral
c.  Charitable Giving
d.  Selling Inherited Real Estate (Virginia)

XII.  Metro DC Jurisdictions

a. Maryland – Overview of Maryland Probate
b. District of Columbia – Overview of DC Probate – Part 1
c. District of Columbia – Overview of DC Probate – Part 2


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